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the onion’s joe garden for the globe magazine

Editorial, New Work, New York, Portraits — June 13th, 2010

Joe Garden by Geordie Wood

Joe Garden by Geordie Wood

The Onion Features Editor, Joe Garden. The Globe Sunday Magazine (2010)

Amidst the general chaos of April/May I got a call to shoot Joe Garden, Features Editor of The Onion, for The Globe Sunday Magazine - how could I turn it down? It was a fairly hectic NYC shoot on Broadway (in Soho) but I think we ended up with a few nice images. Most importantly, I visited The Onion offices which was an experience in and of itself.

Since my last post I also had the pleasure of traveling in southwest Iceland for ten days, where I spent time exploring and making photos along the way. I shot medium format film for this project so you’ll have to be patient as I scan the work, one frame at a time. But in the interim, I can safely say that I am brimming with excitement and will share some photos here just as soon as they are ready!


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