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you should know

Brooklyn, Personal, Photography, Snaps — March 27th, 2011

You Should Know

You Should Know. Brooklyn, NY (2011)

This winter my friend Zac was working in Red Hook when his wrist acquired a serious gash from a Japanese pull saw. As Zac is averse to ER visits, he opted to sew up the wound up with fishing line and some help from a friend in my living room. I made this image about a month later once the wound had a chance to heal.

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  1. This is remarkable, i wanted to comment that the cut split the O like an egg, cracking down his wrist. It is really an incredible gesture with the curled fingers, the arch of the thumb - these things create lots of interesting shadow depth. In this way the background is perfect, a reflection of skin to be sure.

    Comment by T — April 8, 2011 @ 3:41 pm

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